Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Lakers Dreaming Big for 2014 Free Agency

There have been so many star players that have played for the illustrious Laker organization over the years. Kareem Abdul Jabbar, James Worthy, Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O'neal, Pau Gasol, and lastly, Dwight Howard. But now that Howard's signed with the Houston Rockets, what happens next? 

The formation of the NBA's next superteam. A dynasty that would rule the league for the next 5 to 6 years. You know what I'm getting to... a Los Angeles Lakers Big 3. Of whom, you ask? Kobe Bryant, Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony. 

This outlandish idea that was first started by a few analysts at ESPNLosAngeles, has continued to garner interest league-wide. Just from watching the Lakers this past season, it's become obvious that Kobe Bryant won't be able to lead them to a title all by himself; he'll need some help. And who else better to recruit than two of the league's best players in James and 'Melo? 

James and 'Melo, the headliners of next year's free agent class, would not have to take significant pay cuts in order to make this a possibility because the Lakers have cleared a large portion of their cap space, although neither James nor 'Melo have commented on this theory of sorts. As much as I'd love to see this actually happen, the possibility of Bryant, James, and Carmelo playing together in Los Angeles in 2014 is extremely slim.

Lebron James has a legacy to protect. Jumping around from team to team to chase championships won't exactly be the way James will want people to remember him. If Miami remains successful and achieves a 3-peat, Lebron won't have any reason to switch teams. Although, it things go awry in Miami, Cleveland and Los Angeles would be the next best logical destinations. Going back to Cleveland and winning a championship for the fan base there would practically be a dream come true for Cavaliers fans. Meanwhile, joining Kobe and Carmelo in LA would somewhat tarnish his legacy, but could produce a few more champions titles. 

On the other hand, Carmelo, who has not yet won an NBA championship, could be easier to recruit, if the Knicks are not successful next season. Carmelo has a good relationship with Kobe, dating back to their Olympic gold medal journeys in 2008 and 2012, in Beijing and London, respectively. And as mentioned before, the Lakes have already cleared significant cap space, perhaps in anticipation of the 2014 free agent frenzy. The Lakers' recent amnesty of Metta World Peace will save roughly $16 million in future tax payments, money they could use to pay player salaries in the upcoming seasons.

The Lakers are getting ready, but whether this "superteam" can be formed, may not necessarily be up to them. For now, we'll just have to wait and see what happens next season. There are many factors to consider, from Kobe coming back from his injury, to Miami's championship success, to Carmelo's satisfaction playing in NYC. There's so much uncertainty as to what will happen in 2014, and whether or not this epic superteam can become a reality. But we do know one thing. The Lakers sure are dreaming big. 

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