Friday, 19 July 2013

Cavaliers officially sign Andrew Bynum for $24 Million

In the post-Lebron era, the Cavaliers are doing an excellent job rebuilding their team, and recruiting young talent. Thanks to their unprecedented 'luck' (conspiracy theory?) in the past 3 drafts, the Cavs have been able to build a nucleus of Kyrie Irving, Dion Waiters and Tristan Thompson. Now, with their recent first overall pick in the 2013 Draft in Anthony Bennett, things are looking exceedingly bright for Cleveland. Now, with the signing off Andrew Bynum, the Cavs are looking to hopefully add some frontcourt action into the mix.

Bynum, who was sidelined this entire past season with the 76ers because of injuries to both of his knees, will now have to prove that he can still play with the elite talent that he competed with before the injuries. The 2 year, $24 million contract was finalized on Friday, at the team's suburban training facility. Bynum is only guaranteed $6 million this year, although he could earn an additional $6 million by achieving performance incentives. Cleveland also has a $12 million team option for Bynum's second season.

By signing Bynum, the Cavs really have nothing to lose. If things go awry, the Cavaliers will still have Tyler Zeller, Anderson Varejao, and Tristan Thompson as fail-safes. Plus, I truly believe Bynum will return determined to play harder and improve his game, after all the criticism he's received over the past year and a half. I also believe that having a true big man in the middle will benefit the Cavaliers offense as a whole, allowing them to play more pick and roll sets, as well as some inside-out action. Lastly, Bynum will give the Cavaliers more depth in the frontcourt, an advantage they could use against teams like the Boston Celtics, Toronto Raptors, and the 76ers, teams the Cavs would need to outplay in order to make the playoffs next year.

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